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Hydraulic Hose Cleaning Systems

Eaton_Hose_Cleaning_SystemsReduce downtime, extend filter life, reduce the risk of failure and premature wear due to contamination with Danfoss's new Hydraulic Hose Cleaning Systems.

Available in both a hand-held launcher and bench mount launcher to shoot projectiles through hose, tube or pipe assemblies, ensuring contaminants are thoroughly removed prior to final assembly.



• FT1455-L1 Hand Launcher (1/8" through 1-1/4")
• FT1455-L2 Hand Lanucher (1/8" through 2")
• FT1455-L3 Hand Launcher (1/8" through 3-1/2")
• FT1455-L4 Bench Mount Launcher (1/8" through 1-1/4")
Eaton Hydraulic Hose Cleaning Systems

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