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Eaton Hydraulic Hose Blades

Eaton offers the following 6 types of blades designed to cut hydraulic hose. Choosing the ideal blade for cutting hydraulic hose depends greatly on the saw you are using, the type of hose you are cutting and the production rates you require.

If you're not sure which is best suited to your application please call us (1-888-285-6627) for our recommendation. Eaton blades are manufactured in: M-2, D-2, M-35, & High Speed Steels.


Eaton_ET9100-07-110_Hose_Saw Eaton_ET9200-10-220_Hose_Saw Eaton_ET9300-14-220_Hose_Saw
ET9100-07-110 ET9200-10-220 ET9300-14-220
1-1/4" ID x 4 Wire Hydraulic Hose
2" ID x 6 Wire Hydraulic Hose
2" ID x 6 Wire Hydraulic Hose. -5 OD Industrial Hose

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